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cottish Rat Club

This is a list of SRC members that also breed rats.

Please note that these breeders are not endorsed by the SRC and the SRC fully recommends that all breeders are researched and vetted by yourself to ensure you agree with the breeders ethics and practises. You should feel comfortable with your breeder and the breeder should feel comfortable with you re-homing their rats.

Building up a relationship with a good breeder is rewarding and ensures support throughout the duration of your rats lives.

For more information on the differences between breeder rats and pet shop sourced rats click this link below.

Breeder vs Pet shop    


Hawthorn Stud

Toyah Leitch

Scunnerbug Rats

Breagha Rats

Debonayr Rattery

Shayilen  Rattery

Tartan Tails

Rhona Roberston

Karen McDonald

Melody Connelly

Ayla Stryder

Laura Egan

Website  Facebook  Website  Website  Facebook  Facebook  Facebook  Facebook  Facebook 

North West England

Lovecraft Stud

Lisa Maurin

Isamu Rats

Jemma Fettes

Website  Facebook  Website  Facebook 

If you are a fully paid up member and wish to be added to the SRC breeders list then drop us an email at webmaster@scottishratclub.co.uk with your full name, rattery name, whether you are an NFRS qualified stud, location, website and facebook page details.

Once we confirm your membership details they will be added here.

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