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This page will discuss the differences between bucks and does.

 This is in order to give you a bit of insight into what each sex is like to own and the trademark differences each sex has to offer.

That way you can get a rough idea before speaking to your chosen breeder.

Tartan tails agouti doe kit…

Does (Females)

Does are very energetic by nature.

They are constantly on the move always intrigued by everything around them, They are the proper busy-bodies out of the two sexes.

Does are easy to teach tricks and have a natural enthusiasm as well as being easier

to toilet train, Their urine smells less and they don't have the same desire to scent mark as bucks (males). Does tend to make great pets for teenagers that like to interact more with their pet and you can watch a group of girls for hours as they explore their environment.

Whether in the cage or during free roam there's never a dull moment and the minute your up and about there's a high chance they’ll scoot straight over to the cage door begging to be let out.

 Does are very affectionate and love attention like all rats but are so interested in their environment they’ll generally prefer to come to you rather than let you lavish it upon them, Does are also not shy to pull your mouth open and practise their rodentistry. They truly do liven up the home and make excellent companions.

DisadvantagesBucks (Males)

Bucks are well known to be the “couch potato” out of the two sexes.

They generally love to sleep and to be stroked upon your lap. While they are much lazier they still like to explore only they aren't quite so eager about it as as does are, Tending to take their time.

Bucks tend to smell more than females due to the testosterone excreted in their urine when neutered the smell is reduced. Bucks adore claiming their territory whether that be you, the couch or their cage! It’s their own little way of saying “your mine” to any other rat.

Bucks are big cuddly monsters that love to be fussed over and will sleep for hours in their hammocks or on your lap after having a good explore and being larger there is more rat to hold.

They are much slower and more at ease than does so are usually the preferred option for a first pair of rats.

 They love food but because they are less active it is important to weigh it out and ensure regular exercise so they don't suffer from obesity, as the weight is much harder to shift.

Bucks can learn tricks as well although they are usually much slower at picking them up than the does are.

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Both sexes are on a pretty even keel and the choice really depends on which you click with better.

Rat shows are an excellent opportunity to see both sexes and handle them before making up your mind on what suits you best.

If you are unable to attend a rat show then contacting a breeder and asking if you can meet some of their bucks and does and asking them their opinions and views based on their experiences and your needs can be very helpful. Most good breeders have owned both sexes for a while so can give you an experienced opinion.