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cottish Rat Club A good example of a savic royale suite cage complete  with a Debonayr Pet Beds rat hammock cage set. Hammocks come in a wide range of colours and varieties Another stunning Debonayr pet bed creation…

There are many important factors to consider before purchasing the right cage for you and your rats.

A good cage should have a good amount of floor space for the rats to roam, run and play.

 A nice deep tray or high kick guards to hold a good depth of substrate for burrowing and scatter feeding purposes.

A good height to climb and leap up as well as providing the height to create many levels for your cages, Shelves usually come with cages but its important that they are easy to wipe down once or twice daily for hygiene reasons.

Easy to access for cleaning as well as to handle your rats.

Ideally no wire floors or levels as these can cause pressure sores, A condition commonly known as bumble foot, Any wire floors/levels must be covered.

An easy to clean base.

Doors that can be shut securely that your rats wont be able to open.

There is no limit on what you may use to furnish your cage provided you keep in mind that your rats will most likely chew for this reason it is best to avoid flimsy plastics as your rats may accidentally ingest particles while satisfying their natural urge to gnaw.

The most popular cage furnishing seems to be fleece. This is due to the soft texture and bright colours and patterns they offer and rats genuinely seem to adore them, It is not unusual to see rats sleeping peacefully in a rat pile in a fleece hammock as well as the colours and patterns being very pleasing to the eye. Fleece also does not fray if chewed and does not risk your pet becoming entangled in the threads which can occur with other materials such as towels.

Good hammocks that are made to last are thick, quilted and feel sturdy although the price is much more expensive due to higher quality fleece and multiple layers used to quilt they do tend to last much longer than those made with lower quality materials.

Many rat owners favour branches which make excellent perches and rats certainly love to gnaw on these, branches must be made of hard wood (avoid pine and cedar) Fruit tree branches are usually generally safe - You can collect branches for free but be sure that they have not been subjected to pesticides, if in doubt don’t take them home. Usually a good soak in a disinfectant solution and being left to completely dry can sort out any potential unwanted guests within the branches.

Parrot toys, cat toys, boxes, hanging baskets, digging boxes and much more are all loved by rats, Shops such as pound shops, bargain stores and charity shops usually have items that can provide hours or entertainment for your rats.

They love and appreciate variety and there is an endless supply to ideas for your cages!

If you need a creative nudge and have joined as a member feel free to post in our members only facebook group to be inundated with ideas from our other members!

What can I put in my cages?…

Your rats cage is your rats home and is likely to be where your rat’s will spend a great deal of their time.

It is important to provide a good sized cage with plenty of toys for stimulation and interaction to keep your wonderfully intelligent companions entertained.

Rats love to snuggle in warm padded hammocks.

These does are enjoying a snooze in this Debonayr crafted hammock…

Isamu Rats - Cage enrichment 

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A rough rule of thumb is to have about 2.2-2.5ft squared per rat and no less than 2ft depending on the cage height and the arrangement of hammocks and accessories more rats may be comfortable as while rats thrive in mini colonies they do appreciate being able to seek their own space if its needed.

The most popular cage seems to be the Savic Royale Suite, This is a huge cage that boasts plenty of space, ease of access and with the removal of the middle shelf holds endless possibilities for cage lay outs.

Although for a smaller home cages similar to the Savic Freddy and Savic Freddy max will be much more suited if there is a limit on space, although these would be better suited to a smaller group rats.

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