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You can enter this show by filling out and sending the entry form at the bottom of this page.

If you have any difficulties with working out your entries please email the show sec who will do their best to assist you.

A rat show is an event where many rat owners get together.

 Pet keepers, Breeders and those considering rats for pets all attend to enjoy showing off their shoulder rats, Getting to meet and handle rats, to exchange tips and advice  all while enjoying one of the rare places where people don’t show disgust or cringe at your rats or recoil at the sight of their tails but instead show a keen interest in your rat, asking to pet and hold your beloved pet while commenting on how beautiful they are!

Yes your first show is likely to be nerve racking but dont worry! We’ve all been in the same position and we will make you feel welcome, You’ll be glad you came!

Theres many items for sale that have your rats in mind this ranges from food to toys and rat themed items for the humans.

There's also the excitement towards the end of the show to see which rats have won rosettes and of course the raffle!

Entering your rats can be a bit nerve racking for the first time, but be assured we have all been there and we all wish to make sure the experience goes smoothly and as pleasant as possible for you and your rats.

To enter your rats you fill out the form at the bottom of the page.

Entry fees are £1.50 for members

£2 for non-members

You also don’t have to be a member or a breeder to show your rats, anyone can show!

For each entry you need to have the rats name, sex, whether adult (14 weeks+) or kitten (8-14weeks), Which section you wish to enter the rat in; Either pets, Varieties or both.

 If entering in varieties you need to list which variety your rat is so s/he can be entered into the correct class, If you are unsure which variety your rat is you can have a look at:

If you are still unsure just list unsure on your entry and someone will help you on the day to ensure your rat is in the correct class.

Your rat should be in good health, With no symptoms of health ailments, Active lice/flea infestations or wounds.

How do I enter my rats?… NFRS Varieties Hawthorn Varieties What about Hire tanks?…

If you do not own show tanks yet wish to show you will need to hire show tanks from the club.

Show tank hire is £2.50 per tank.

You will need one tank per adult rat and if you have two same sex kittens they may share a tank.

The club puts in orders for show tanks now and then and this will be announced via the members only facebook group and the SRC official public page.

The SRC shows have a kitchen where we serve a small variety of food to satisfy your hunger during the show.

From hot and cold rolls and paninis to crisps, Chocolate and of course hot and cold drinks.

We rely on all members chipping in for half an hour in the kitchen in order to help run the kitchen, If there are no volunteers to help then the kitchen will be closed where slots haven’t been filled.

There are also usually donations of home baking available to purchase in the main hall.

However if there is nothing to your liking, This venue is nearby to Rutherglen shopping centre, So you’ll be sure to find something local that takes your fancy.  

The shows are normally bustling, While all those showing and those popping in and out to see what the show is about and to meet some rats.

Plenty of goodies at the club shop and donation stall to spoil your furries! Dont forget the raffle where you have the chance to win rat and human prizes!

The Judges and stewards have a long day organising and judging all the beautiful rats entered. Its a difficult yet enjoyable task!

After the agility and curiosity classes have taken place after judging has finished its time to announce the rosette winners and award the prizes before the raffle!

A quick glimpse at a show day…

REMEMBER: Rats need a water source in the form of apple, cucumber or melon to stay hydrated throughout the day, Bring a water bottle to offer your rat a drink after the show and a small amount of food is permitted  in the corner of the tank for your rat to snack on during the day

Alternatively email your entries to: showsec@scottishratclub.co.uk

4th February 2017

Varieties Judge: Lisa Irving

Pet Judge: Linda Frances

St Columbkille's Hall

2 Kirkwood St,



 G73 2SL

Doors open:  10:15am

Bench time:  10:45am

Entries Deadline:


Wednesday  1st February 2017


 November show venue…

St Columbkille’s hall, Rutherglen…

How to enter this show.

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