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cottish Rat Club

The Scottish rat club is a friendly club with a strong sense of community. It’s one of the few places where people are eager to see and meet your rats without automatically showing disgust.

The club is open and welcome to all ages with fun activities to take part in, to meet and make new friends as well as the valuable opportunity to meet local breeders and exchange tips and advice from other owners, if your popping along to get to meet some rats before committing to them as pets there are plenty of people willing to let you handle their rats as well as the clubs cuddle corner.

The Scottish shows are usually busy and are a highlight for many rat owners, For many its the only time they get to show off their rats outside the home.

There are many benefits to being a member of the SRC.

All paid up members benefit from:

This coupled with our attractive membership rates of £6 for an Adult, £4 for a Junior and £10 for a family!

Members also benefit from reduced show entry fees, Reduced stall hire, 10% off SRC kitchen and Club shop as well as exclusive access to the SRC forum and members only facebook group.

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