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Stunning Lovecraft Stud bred rats enjoying a snuggle in their cosy hammock…

Sourcing pet rats responsibly can be hard, Here you will find all the information you need to ensure you can make a well balanced decision on where to get your rats.

This page will discuss the differences between the two common sources people get their rats.

Breeders & Pet shops.

Good Breeder’s breed for the love of the animal and the hobby.

Their rats will come from well known bloodlines, Their rats are housed in good sized cages or hutches with appropriate enrichments.

Good breeders will usually have a re-homing form for you to fill out in order to match you up with the right kittens and will also match you up according to the form. These breeders put health first and foremost over a “pretty rat”. This is important as continuous vet visits are costly and it affects a rats quality of life.

Breeder rats are handled continuously through the first few weeks, From birth they are quickly checked for milk bands and given a quick once over incase of any issues that may cause the newborn to quickly deteriorate.

Once the eyes open this is where the socialisation begins, This encourages your rats to develop their own personality and to seek interaction from humans - This makes them exceptional pets.

Raising kittens correctly is not cheap nor is it an easy task.

Kittens require daily protein meals and a soft weaning mix as well as fruits and vegetables with a low water content, They also get homemade mix as well.

The kittens also greatly benefit from free roam as well as lots of toys and interacting with different members of the family.

Before purchasing any rats from a breeder it is a good idea to ask to visit.

This gives you an excellent opportunity to vet the breeder and ask questions. To see how their rats are as adults, If their rats are friendly, Happy and inquisitive and if their older rats are healthy.

Breeders will routinely check their rats for lice and health check them regularly, It is also good practice to ask where the bloodline originates from.

Breeders will happily answer any questions you have and you will most likely meet the parents of the kittens as well.

Good  Breeder Rats

Pet shop’s normally source their rats from a supplier, This is basically a rat farm where rats are breed for food and looks.

Due to the large numbers they are usually not socialised and due to these rats being bred for profit they are not given the same feeding as breeder rat kits.

They are generally not well handled, Come from unknown lines, Tend to have lice, The females are usually bred back to back and too young as they need a regular supply to sell.

Compared to breeder rats there is a higher chance of health issues arising, Although the rats themselves are much cheaper than breeder rats.

You are very unlikely to get some of the rats food as well, Usually you will be prompted to buy it.

Some pet shops breed their own rats that depending on their ethics can be fairly better than the rat farms that many pet shops source from, If you chose to source from a pet shop that breeds it is good to treat and vet them as you would good breeders.

Pet shop rats

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